Arasavilli Temple in srikakulam
Arasavilli Temple near srikakulam

Arasavilli Temple

Arasavilli Temple

Arasavilli is the famous Sun God Temple situated in Srikakulam. Arasavilli temple is one of the ancient temple and all among two sun God temples in India. There is a saying that Kasyapa maharishi installed the Idol of Sun god at Arasavalli for the Welfare of mankind. Arasavilli temple will be like sun god on his charriot. It was carved and polished on a single granite stone.

Arasavilli Temple Miracle

The Golden Sunrays touches the sun god idol inside the temple two times in a year and this miracle can be viewed the months of March and October on 1,2 and 3 dates in the morning hours at 6.00 Am to 6.20 AM. You can view the miracle video by clicking on the following link sunrays touching arasavilli temple god idol.

Arasavilli Temple video

Map to Arasavilli Temple

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