Movie in kinnera theatre visakhapatnam
Present movie in Kinnera Theatre

Kinnera Theatre

Kinnera Theatre

Kinnera Theatre Address :

Kinnera Theatre
D.No. 53-23-23,
Beside Maddilapalem Bus Depot 13.
Andhra Pradesh 530013


Kinnera Theatre address

Kinnera Theatre Website :

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Kinnera Theatre Contact Number :

Kinnera Theatre Phone Number

Kinnera Theatre phone number

Present playing movie in Kinnera Theatre : 

Present playing movie in Kinnera theatre visakhapatnam


Kinnera Theatre show timings :

Morning Show timings : 11:00am
Matinee Show timings : 02:00pm
First Show timings       : 06:15pm
Second Show timings : 09:30pm

present movie in Kinnera Theatre     present playing movie in Kinnera Theatre

Map to Kinnera Theatre
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