Fish Aquarium Visakhapatnam

Matsya Darshini / Matsyadarshini

Matsya darshini

Matsya Darshini is a fish aquarium. You can find variety of fishes.

You can find tortoises & eel fishes also in this.

People visiting this place for the first time will enjoy and for others this will be really disappointing.

Previously, they used to display a dead sea horse and snake in glass jars will preservative solutions. Now, that display is also removed.
Matsya Darshini is located near Rama Krishna Beach, Beach Raod.
It is also known as visakhapatnam fish aquarium, or vizag fsh aquarium.

Matsya Darshini / Matsyadarshini video

Map to Matsya Darshini / Matsyadarshini

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