how to hack whatsapp

There are somany websites explaning how to hack whatsapp. Some provide apps to do so. Lets have a birds eye view on that.
Can a Whatsapp be hacked? If so, how

whatsapp hacking

about whatsapp

Whatsapp is a revolutionary app which became very much common on all smart phone. Whatsapp helps in connecting people and connecting groups as well. It has numerous features and helps in sharing of information in different ways.

Whatsapp became the most popular messaging platform which were used by billions of people across the world these days.

Is hacking of whatsapp possible

Whatsapp messages are encrypted and is not easy to hack. It securely encrypts all the files viz., images, videos, chats and other kinds of supported documents which was hard to crack by the hackers.

what is encryption

Encryption of data means, sending data end to end without allowing others to access or view that. Even whatsapp team itself can't see that even data runs through their platform. Encryption locks the data while transforming information from one end to other and can only be unlocked by the intended recipient.

who can hack whatsapp

It's not easy to break into other's whatsapp account or hack others phone remotely. One need to have strong hacking skills and utmost logical thinking to crack into someone's account as whatsapp maintains encrypted data technique and was run by a highly secured company named Facebook.

So don't get fooled by wasting your valuable time and therby unknowingly providing your personal information to the  websites and app which are representing themselves as the hacking tools of whatsapp.

Hacking of Whatsapp is not an easy task.