What is the meaning of yellow media

Yellow media became very common these days. Let's know what actually yellow media means.
Yellow media means.

what do you mean by yellow media

yellow media means

News that was published which was not fully authenticated or has legitimate information is known as Yellow media. This was American terminology for journalism. Yellow media uses eye catching pics and headlines to attract viewers. Yellow media is considered as un ethical or unprofessional thing.

content in yellow media

Content in Yellow media might not be legitimate but that doesn't mean it's incorrect. Now a days, so many are using social media to post news even with a little information they have. News is getting circulated with different kinds of media viz., Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp etc. these days.

yellow media origin

In 1890s, New York City newspapers employed the technique of broadcasting the news in eye-catching and attracting maaner to help the rise in newspaper circulation there by cutting the competitive busines. Later on this was termed as Yellow Media.