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Bheemili Beach

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Bheemili Beach is a beautiful place and has historical information even got a place in Hindu mythological story.

Places to visit in Bhimilli

Bhimili Beach
Dutch Cemetry
Light House

Bheemili is also known as Bheemunipatnam, Bhimlipatam. Bheemli beach is located at the mouth of Gosthani River in Visakhapatnam at a distance of 24 kms.


Marine drive from kailasagiri to bheemilli will be awesome.

A Zamindar estate, today a town, a municipality and mandal headquarters in Visakhapatnam District in the State of Andhra Pradesh. Bimlipatnam is the oldest municipal town in India after Surat. The founder of Bimlipatnam is a Muslim family. One branch of family came from Hyderabad state as a jagir was given to them in Bimlipatnam by the Nizam of Hyderabad and the other branch of family came from Nagapatnam as traders, and later on became the biggest zamindars of Bimlipatnam. The founders were the Jagirdars of Bimlipatnam and grew to a sizeable estate which is equivalent to a tiny princely state. The estate consisting of vast tracts of land consisting of several villages in the Bimlipatnam and the founding member was a II class magistrate who could fine up to Rs.500 in civil and criminal.

The Bus Complex of Bheemunipatnam was donated by Darbar Malik Khader Shah Saheb Bahadur who was given a knighthood by the British government. The graveyard for Muslims and the only mosque in Bimlipatnam was donated by Darbar Malik Khader Shah Saheb Bahadur. The magistrate legacy was hereditary hence the heirs were all ruling prince of the zamindari estate. The famous Bollywood actress  Zarina Wahab from "Chit Chor" fame married to a famous Bollywood actor Aditya Panscholi belong  to the other branch of the family of House of Bhimili. Since there is no primogeniture in the House of Bhimili hence there were Begums and the younger sons who had become the ruling princes and princesses. The place is also named Bheemunipatnam (official), Bhimunipattanam, Bimlipatam and

: 15/03/2016
Dynasty Head
: The Darbar Sheikh of Bimlipatnam, Head of the Family Amir-e-Bhimili (Pce of Bhimili) and titular Nawab
DYNASTY HEAD: Darbar Sheikh Nawab Altaf HussainDarbar Sheikh of Bimlipatnam, PhD Swiss University, MBA Osmania University in Hyderabad, BBA Northwood University then Alabama A & M University USA, B.Com at Badruka Coll of Commerce (BCC), Sr Cambridge at St. George's Grammar School in Hyderabad, educ Saudi Arabia, SFS School in Seetammadhara, Visakhapatnam, °1971,
X Begum Shabana Mirza Begum

1 Pcess Zaina Nihad, °2007
2 Pce Sheikh Ayaan Hussain, °2011
1 Shahina Afsar
2 Sheikh Farooq

Children of Begum Khamarunnisa by Dr. Syed Hussain:
1 Begum Jalalun Jahan Ara
2 Tajun Jahan Ara

Children of Darbar Malik Ibrahim by Begum Amina:
1 Mohammed  Aziz
2 Begum Khamarunnisa
3 Abdul Rehman

1 Zarina Wahab, actress, model, educ Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), °Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 17/7/1959, X 1986 Aditya Pancholi, born Nirmal Pancholi, film actor, °Mumbai 12/9/1965, son of Rajan Pancholi, filmmaker, by Aruna

Darbar Malik Khader Shah Saheb Bahadur, X Begum Fatima. Parents of:
Darbar Malik Ibrahim, X Begum Amina. Parents of:
Begum Khamarunnisa, °1934, X Dr. Syed Hussain. Parents of:
Begum Jalalun Jahan Ara, °1954, X Sheikh Habibullah. Parents of:
Darbar Sheikh Nawab Altaf Hussain (see above, Dynasty Head).

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